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Lincoln University Research Archive (LURA) is an open access institutional repository collecting the research produced by Lincoln University staff and students. You may also be interested in Lincoln University Living Heritage.

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  • Yuan, Ye (Lincoln University, 2016-07-29)
    Vermicomposting has been proposed as a sustainable technique for managing various types of organic wastes. The aims of this study were to test the feasibility of vermicomposting two of Canterbury’s problematic wastes ...
  • Tripathi, Mira (Lincoln University, 2016-07-18)
    Management of water resources is a major challenge throughout the world and in many long-established societies people still use traditional water harvesting and management techniques. Despite often being seen as efficient ...
  • Kitchenham, B.; Madeyski, L.; Budgen, D.; Keung, J.; Brereton, P.; Charters, S.; Gibbs, S.; Pohthong, A. (Springer US, 2016-06-16)
    © 2016 The Author(s) There have been many changes in statistical theory in the past 30 years, including increased evidence that non-robust methods may fail to detect important results. The statistical advice available to ...
  • Rollin, O.; Benelli, G.; Benvenuti, S.; Decourtye, A.; Wratten, S. D.; Canale, A.; Desneux, N. (Springer Paris, 2016-03)
    The intensification of agricultural practices contributes to the decline of many taxa such as insects and wild plants. Weeds are serious competitors for crop production and are thus controlled. Nonetheless, weeds enhance ...
  • Ross, J. G.; McCoskery, H. (Landsdowne Ventures Ltd, Christchurch, NZ, 2012-02)
    This research project monitored 1080 residue breakdown in muscle, skin, bone and stomach samples for two sika deer (Cervus nippon) carcasses during the period October 2010 to May 2011. These deer were located immediately ...

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