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Lincoln University Research Archive (LURA) is an open access institutional repository collecting the research produced by Lincoln University staff and students. You may also be interested in Lincoln University Living Heritage.

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  • Salgado de Oliveira, Juliano; Moot, Derrick J.; Brown, H. E. (Agronomy Society of New Zealand, )
    Seed potato physiological age progressively advances with time (chronological age), but is also influenced by temperature during storage. In this work, different combinations of constant temperatures (2, 8 and 20°C) were ...
  • Kerr, Roslyn (Manchester University Press, Manchester, UK, 2016-07)
    How do new technologies come to be used in sport? This is the question that Sport and technology aims to answer, moving beyond the idea of functionality to explore the many other important factors that athletes and sporting ...
  • Kaloumaira, Josivini (Lincoln University, 2017-11)
    The concept of geoparks was first introduced in the first international conference on geoparks held in China in 2004. Here in New Zealand, Kiwis are accustomed to national parks, land reserves, marine reserves, and urban ...
  • Shapiro, Lee; Blackie, Helen; Arthur, D.; Ross, James G.; Eason, Charles (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2018)
    Brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) present an ongoing threat to New Zealand’s environment and economy. Research into additional control techniques is vital to ensure that a variety of efficient tools are available ...
  • Al-Marashdeh, Omar; Cameron, Keith C.; Bryant, Racheal H.; Box, Lisa; Arends, A.; Coveney, A.; Chrystal, J.; Edwards, Grant (New Zealand Society of Animal Production, 2017)
    Two consecutive experiments were conducted over four weeks during winter to investigate the effect of different stand-off pad surface types on dairy cow lying behaviour, cleanness and lameness scores, and urination frequency. ...

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