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Title: Canterbury dairy farmers' opinions about using computerised farm information systems
Author: Alvarez, Jorge
Nuthall, Peter L.
Date: Jul-2001
Publisher: Lincoln University. Farm and Horticultural Management Group.
Series/Report no.: Research report (Lincoln University (Canterbury, N.Z.). Farm and Horticultural Management Group) ; 05/2001
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: Canterbury dairy farmers' opinions about computerised systems used for managing farm information were collected through 39 stratified, randomly selected interviews. Farmers who are using software note they can save time, the software supports their farm management work, and it also enables them to use management approaches requiring more detailed information. Farmers who are not using computerised systems, but are considering this possibility, explain they are facing other priorities relative to improving their information systems. They are aware of the computer and software advantages, and they have a positive feeling towards computing technology. Some of them, however, feel insecure about their ability to use computers. Farmers not considering computerised systems believe computer technology is useless for their particular situations. Some farmers think computerised systems are unable to solve their actual farm problems, others feel themselves too old to learn the new technology. The interviews have confirmed "earlier" findings from a former mail survey. Key factors associated with the adoption of computer technology are farmer age, directly and through its relationship with farmer education; farmer education itself; the size of the herd; and consultant use intensity and involvement in farm management decision making.
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ISSN: 1174-8796
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