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Title: The impact of journey origin specification and other assumptions upon travel cost estimates of consumer surplus : a geographical information systems analysis
Author: Bateman, Ian J.
Brainard, Julii S.
Garrod, Guy D.
Lovett, Andrew A.
Date: Jan-1997
Publisher: Lincoln University. Commerce Division.
Series/Report no.: Department of Economics and Marketing discussion paper ; no. 28
Item Type: Discussion Paper
Abstract: This paper presents a simple application of the travel cost method conducted using geographical information system software. This permits analysis of the impact of various assumptions concerning the definition of visitor outset origins and routing to recreation sites. Results suggest that varying these assumptions could lead to substantial impacts upon central estimates of consumer surplus.
Description: This research was completed while Ian Bateman was on study leave at the Department of Resource Management, Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand.
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ISBN: 1-877176-05-2
ISSN: 1173-0854
Appears in Collections:Commerce Division Discussion Paper series

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