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Title: A matter of perspective : mapping education employment linkages in Aotearoa New Zealand
Author: Vaughan, Karen
Phillips, Hazel
Dalziel, Paul
Higgins, Jane
Date: 1-Jul-2009
Publisher: Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit
Series/Report no.: EEL research report ; no. 3
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: This report is the third in the Education Employment Linkages (EEL) Research Report series. Acknowledging that all map-making involves particular perspectives and representations of the world, each of the main chapters documents an important dimension of systems involved in young people’s transition from school. The School-Communities chapter provides an education perspective focused on the perceptions, activities, and key relationships which characterise career education’s preoccupation with information-based, rather than lifelong development work. The Regional Communities chapter provides a sociological perspective that focuses on Youth Training and Training Opportunities providers supporting young people who have left school with few or no qualifications and the trend to more systematic form of provision. The Māori and Pasifika Communities chapter provides an indigenous studies perspective focused on Māori and Pacific education and health providers whose links into the transition system may not be formal but rather accountable directly to Māori and Pasifika communities. The Employer-Led Channels chapter provides an economic perspective focused on Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics’ engagement with employers and the relationship with young people’s ability to make good matches between education and employment options.
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ISSN: 978-1-877519-05-5
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