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Title: Capital formation in New Zealand agriculture, 1946-67
Author: Johnson, R. W. M.
Date: Nov-1970
Publisher: Lincoln College. Agricultural Economics Research Unit.
Series/Report no.: Research report (Lincoln College (University of Canterbury). Agricultural Economics Research Unit) ; no. 65
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: In this report, estimates of gross capital formation, net capital formation, and stocks of capital for the agricultural sector of the economy for the period 1946-67 are presented. The methodology employed is to construct a gross capital formation time series as a first step, using and interpreting available statistics on capital expenditure, and then to convert this series to a net capital formation series by appropriate assumptions on depreciation. Thirdly, base year stocks of capital are estimated on a replacement cost basis, and used with the net capital formation series to give an estimate of the stock of capital employed in agriculture each year since 1946.
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