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dc.contributor.authorObroh, Oveka
dc.description.abstractIn 2015, the United Nations agreed on a set of “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDG) to be achieved by 2030. They represent a strategy requiring actions to address the growing economic, social and environmental challenges facing both developed and developing countries. Authors have emphasised the importance of intersectoral understanding and critical thinking to achieve the goals (Gough & Longhurst, 2018). Education is crucial in realising the SDGs, and higher institutions may play a critical role in managing global issues through the knowledge, skills and values that they instil in future generations. This research examines Lincoln University’s educational programmes with respect to the SDGs. The method involved the iterative application of an established Curriculum Framework for the SDGs to Lincoln University’s curriculum. Qualitative content analysis was adopted to analyse the data and the coverage of the SDGs within core degree programmes from each faculty: the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Agriculture. The research assesses the University’s contribution to creating a more sustainable future through these programmes, showing interconnections between sectors, identifying gaps and proffering areas for improvements. The results illustrate the utility of the framework in identifying strengths and weaknesses of curricula in providing the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate sustainable development. In addition to providing a baseline assessment of these degrees against the SDGs, the research demonstrates the potential of the Framework to be used as a tool for measuring and monitoring the progress of universities in providing education that advances the SDGs.en
dc.publisherLincoln Universityen
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International*
dc.subjectSustainable Development Goals (SDGs)en
dc.subjecthigher educationen
dc.subjectgraduate profileen
dc.subjectUnited Nationsen
dc.subjectdeveloping countriesen
dc.subjectcore coursesen
dc.subjectCurriculum Framework for the Sustainable Development Goalsen
dc.titleLincoln University curriculum and the Sustainable Development Goals : A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Masters in Environmental Policy and Management at Lincoln Universityen
dc.typeDissertationen of Enviromental Policy and Managementen
lu.thesis.supervisorRoberts, Lin
lu.thesis.supervisorRennie, Hamish
lu.contributor.unitDepartment of Environmental Managementen
dc.subject.anzsrc050205 Environmental Managementen
dc.subject.anzsrc130299 Curriculum and Pedagogy not elsewhere classifieden

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