This collection contains items published by Lincoln University researchers where we do not have the full text or cannot make it open access. Instead we provide the bibliographic data (title, author, date etc), the abstract, and where relevant a link to the publisher's site.

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  • Place-based initiatives 

    Vallance, Suzanne A.
    From ‘housing developments’ to ‘community renewal’. From disaster recovery to resilient communities. From dangerous and deserted to friendly and thriving. From public spaces to public places
  • Building resilience in climate sensitive communities 

    Vallance, Suzanne A.
    • Introducing the concept of climate resilience • What is the best way for communities to be prepared for climate change impacts and extreme weather events? • Ensuring sustainable planning enhances community wellbeing • ...
  • Priming for individual energy efficiency action crowds out support for national climate change policy 

    Knook, Jorie; Dorner, Z.; Stahlmann-Brown, P. (Elsevier, 2022-01)
    The uptake of actions to mitigate climate change at the household level might crowd out subsequent policy at the national level, which is problematic because national policy often has a larger mitigation potential than ...
  • Editorial 

    Smith, Carol; Van Huet, S. (Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA), 2018-12)
    The world is currently 1°C warmer than pre-industrial levels and the world’s leading climate scientists warn that we have a dozen years in which global warming can be kept to a maximum of 1.5°C. This statement, in the ...
  • Editorial 

    Smith, Carol; Van Huet, S. (Australasian Quaternary Association (AQUA), 2018-07)
    Welcome to the July 2018 issue of Quaternary Australasia. As one of the editors it is a sneaky pleasure to read the contributions before anyone else, and this edition is no exception. The highlight for me is Jess Reeves ...

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