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Title: Land utilisation on Ashley Dene Farm : survey of work done 1937 to 1946
Author: Bevin, R. H.
Date: Dec-1946
Publisher: Lincoln College.
Series/Report no.: Technical publication (Lincoln College (University of Canterbury)) ; no. 1
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: The College property, Ashley Dene, consists of 878 acres, situated about seven miles South-west of the College itself. Over the last eight years, the property has been progressively developed. The purpose of this survey is to record the various changes which have taken place together with a review of the management methods which have been introduced.
Description: Additional files include; Appendix to 1937-1946 Survey with details of 1946-1948 Seasons, and a map of Ashley Dene.
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tp_lc_no.1.pdfMain survey5.25 MBAdobe PDFView/Download
tp_lc_no.1_map.pdfMap of Ashley Dene254.79 kBAdobe PDFView/Download

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