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Title: Recreation, leisure and social policy
Author: Cushman, Grant
Laidler, Allan
Date: Jun-1990
Publisher: Lincoln University. Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.
Series/Report no.: Occasional paper (Lincoln University (Canterbury, N.Z.) Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism) ; no. 4
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: Recreation and leisure are rarely of central interest in political discussions of public policy, but they merit careful consideration for a number of reasons, which is the basis of this occasional paper prepared as a submisson to the Royal Commission on Social Policy. The two authors make a number of recommendations from their areas of expertise: leisure studies and recreation leadership education.
Description: This joint Lincoln University and Victoria University occasional paper was prepared as a submission to the Royal Commission on Social Policy and has been published in the Report of the Royal Commission on Social Policy, Volume IV, pp. 505-33, 1988. The authors gratefully acknowledge the permission of the Royal Commission in allowing publication as an occasional paper.
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ISSN: 1171-8374
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