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Title: Closed form solution of an exponential kernel integral equation
Author: Verwoerd, Wynand S.
Date: 2007
Publisher: Scientific Journals International
Citation: Verwoerd, W. (2007). Closed form solution of an exponential kernel integral equation. Journal of Mathematics, Statistics and Allied Fields, 1(2).
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: In this note a Fredholm integral equation of the first kind with exponential expressions for the kernel and right hand side is considered. The task of finding a practically usable solution to such an equation may need more effort than following a standard procedure, even when such a procedure yields a formal solution. An apparently elegant solution as an orthogonal polynomial expansion is obtained using the standard method based on transformation to a form where the kernel is an orthogonal polynomial generating function, but this is of limited use due to slow convergence. It is shown that this can nevertheless be transformed into a closed form solution that is computationally efficient.
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ISSN: 1556-6757
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