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Title: School use of national parks for outdoor education : a case study of Arthur’s Pass National Park
Author: Clifton, N.
Degree: Master of Science
Institution: University of Canterbury
Date: 1981
Item Type: Thesis
Abstract: This study is centred on issues concerning school outdoor educational use of national parks. The degree to which school group use of national parks threatens the preservation of parks in their natural state and the effectiveness of park education (interpretation) programmes are shown to be issues of concern to national park managers. The outdoor education use of Arthur's Pass National Park is examined in relation to these issues. The study determines the extent and reasons for use of Arthur's Pass National Park for outdoor education purposes, the effectiveness of a park interpretation programme in promoting sympathetic attitudes towards national parks and the degree to which school group use threatens the preservation of Arthur's Pass National Park in its natural state. Arthur's Pass National Park is shown to be the most heavily used outdoor education site in Canterbury. The main reasons for this use are the Park's ease of access by rail and the existence of accommodation which became established in the Park during a period when school outdoor education programmes were rapidly expanding. The effectiveness of a park interpretation programme in promoting change in attitude in school pupils is assessed by means of an attitude scale. No significant change in attitude is recorded. Some impacts of school group use on Arthur's Pass National Park are identified but school outdoor education is not considered to jeopardise 'park preservation'.
Supervisor: Scott, Graeme
Devlin, Pat
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Access Rights: Digital thesis can be viewed by current staff and students of Lincoln University only. Print copy available for reading in Lincoln University Library. May be available through inter-library loan.
Appears in Collections:Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Occasional Paper series
Theses and Dissertations with Restricted Access

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