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Title: A multiple objective planning framework for the analysis of water and soil resource conflict in New Zealand
Author: McGregor, M. J.
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
Institution: University of Canterbury
Date: 1986
Item Type: Thesis
Abstract: New Zealand water and soil planning is currently facing the challenge of developing a framework which will allow management of the resources to the satisfaction of the wider goals and objectives of the New Zealand community. This implies a shift from the single objective approach, adopted at present, to the multiple objective approach described in this document. It is shown that there are adequate means available to quantify the effects of water and soil management proposals within a multiple objective framework. The major drawback at present is that experience with these techniques, especially environmental quality and social impact, is limited in New Zealand. The study stresses that there is a need for the planning process to find local means to attain predetermined national goals and objectives. This is achieved by integrating the public into the decision making framework. Multiple objective programming techniques are shown to have a place in formalising the analytical structure within which decisions about resource management are to take place. An example of one such technique, goal programming, shows that these techniques have a useful part to play in a multiple objective planning framework. Analysis of the water and soil decision making process shows that there is a general failure by funding, promoting and implementing agencies to gather and use feedback information from ex-post and monitoring analyses to refine and develop the ex-ante technique. The results presented illustrate that decision makers should not accept the accuracy of ex-ante analyses without question but need information supplied from an established monitoring and evaluation programme.
Description: An error in production has resulted in there being no page 206, however there is no text missing.
Supervisor: Dent, J. B.
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Doctoral (PhD) Theses

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