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Title: Natural resources/conservation education (for Nepal)
Author: Pandey, Surya Bahadur
Degree: Diploma in Parks and Recreation Management
Institution: Lincoln University
Date: 1985
Item Type: Dissertation
Abstract: A small mountainous country Nepal has a large amount of natural resources. It has been recognised a Himalayan paradise in the minds of millions of Foreign tourists. A small country, which has a population of fifteen million, means that natural resources are being over-used. Natural resource conservation education is vital to preserve existing natural resources in perpetuity. This dissertation on natural resource conservation education for Nepal is designed to develop public awareness towards natural resource conservation. It deals with a few essential aspects of natural resource conservation, such as description and distribution of unique existing natural resources, establishment of the National Parks and the Wildlife Reserves for natural resources preservation, reco6nition of resource conservation problems, objectives of resource conservation education, the World Conservation strategy and its goals for resource conservation, the conservation strategy for Nepal to obtain conservation education in public and the constructive recommendations to make conservation education system fruitful. However, many people think, that the conservation and the preservation work should be done by National Parks and, wildlife conservation officials only. But the reality is that, every man, woman and child has got the responsibility to conserve natural resources. Everyone must understand the national and international importance of our natural resources. The country has internationally renowned resources, such as mountains, the highest peak in the world "Mt. Everest", and the valuable wildlife, such as the Tiger, Rhino, Fresh Water Crocodile and Dolphlne.
Supervisor: Devlin, P.J.
Murray, Raymond H.
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Access Rights: Digital thesis can be viewed by current staff and students of Lincoln University only. Print copy available for reading in Lincoln University Library. May be available through inter-library loan.
Appears in Collections:Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Occasional Paper series
Theses and Dissertations with Restricted Access

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