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  • Barthelmeh, Michael R. (Lincoln University, Christchurch, 2015-02-20)
    Where do our ideas come from? Landscape architects sometimes ask such a question of themselves, their colleagues or their students – a fundamental question that arises from the core of our profession, from our creative ...
  • Ge, Yuanjie (Lincoln University, 2018-02-27)
    As China is becoming the second largest tourist market for New Zealand, there is a major opportunity for local areas to enhance the experience of Chinese visitors. Due to different cultural backgrounds, there are challenges ...
  • Spicer, A.; Swaffield, Simon R.; Fairweather, John R.; Moore, Kevin (Lincoln University. School of Landscape Architecture, Taupo, New Zealand, )
    This study assesses the consequences of Nitrogen Trading on the Lake Taupō catchment. It is designed to keep the agricultural sector productive as well as within environmental limits, and this makes the Lake Taupō Trading ...
  • Abbott, Michael R.; Bowring, Jacqueline (Queensland University of Technology, 2017-11-30)
    Designing is an experimental practice. Eschewing traditional concepts of designing as simply solving problems, and ideas of research as a positivist pursuit of truth, Landscope DesignLab embraces an expansive perspective ...
  • Bowring, Jacqueline (ORO editions on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, 2017)
    Queenstown and Christchurch are twin poles of New Zealand's landscape of risk. As the country's 'adventure capital', Queenstown is a spectacular landscape in which risk is a commodity. Christchurch's landscape is also ...

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