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Title: Consumer demand for beef in the E. E. C.
Author: Hannah, A. C.
Date: 1971
Publisher: Lincoln College. Agricultural Economics Research Unit.
Series/Report no.: Technical paper (Lincoln College (University of Canterbury). Agricultural Economics Research Unit) ; no. 11
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: In the negotiations connected with Britain' s entry into the E. E. C., New Zealand possesses very little true bargaining power. The only advantage we can use is to be better informed than the other side about the structure and economics of the E. E. C. market for products with which we are vitally concerned. Apart from presenting detailed results for a number of econometric models relating to each of the five main E. E. C. countries, the author also gives a large amount of information on the market structure for meat in each of the countries; and he has also brought together all the relevant meat production, consumption and price data, and for this reason alone we hope the paper will prove useful for reference purposes. The object of this study has been to try and quantify the relative effects of price and income on E.E.C. demand for beef in order to yield coefficients which might be used in later projection work.
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