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Title: Artesian wells of the Christchurch area
Author: Hilgendorf, F. W.
Date: 1926
Publisher: New Zealand Institute
Citation: Hilgendorf, F. W. (1926). Artesian wells of the Christchurch area. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute, 56, 369-382.
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Observations of the fluctuations of eight wells in and near Christchurch for periods ranging from one to fourteen years show that the wells rise with rain, but the amount of the rise, and the period that intervenes between the rain and the rise, depends greatly on the previous weather. While the wells are raised above normal level by rainfall, they are prevented from falling below normal by percolation from the River Waimakariri; and this is true not only of the town wells, but (contrary to my opinion in 1917) of the Lincoln wells also. The water-analyses are consistent with the thesis that both town and country wells are fed by percolation from the Waimakariri.
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Related: Also available as part of a digitisation project carried out by the National Library of New Zealand in consultation with the Royal Society of New Zealand.
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