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  • Moot, Derrick J.; Mills, Annamaria; Roux, M. M.; Smith, Malcolm C. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2016)
    In 2013/2014 (Year 1) and 2014/2015 (Year 2) at Ashley Dene, Canterbury, New Zealand, sheep grazing dryland lucerne monocultures were supplemented with barley grain. In neither year did barley grain supplementation improve ...
  • Moot, Derrick J.; Bennett, S. M.; Mills, Annamaria; Smith, Malcolm C. (NZ Grassland Association, 2016)
    The pre- and post-grazing dry matter yields from six individual paddocks in a grazed lucerne rotation were compared at Ashley Dene, Lincoln University, over 5 years. The mean annual yield was ~12 000 kg DM/ha and unaffected ...
  • Wigley, Kathryn; Owens, Jennifer; Trethewey, Jason A. K.; Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Roten, Rory; Werner, Armin (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2017)
    Reducing the amount of nitrogen (N) fertiliser applied to dairy pastures down to agronomically optimised levels would have positive economic and environmental results. The ability of commercially available optical sensors ...
  • Tao, J.; Zhou, Huitong; Gong, Hua; Yang, Z.; Ma, Q.; Cheng, Paul; Ding, W.; Li, Y.; Hickford, Jonathan G. H. (Elsevier on behalf of International Goat Association, 2017-09)
    The keratin-associated protein KAP6-1 gene (KRTAP6-1) was investigated for its effect on wool traits in Chinese Tan sheep. Two previously identified KRTAP6-1 variants (A and B) and two newly identified KRTAP6-1 variants ...
  • O'Connell, C. A.; Judson, H. G.; Barrell, Graham K. (New Zealand Society of Animal Production, 2016)
    Narrow-leaved plantain (Plantago lanceloata L.) was investigated for its potential to act as a diuretic in sheep.For seven days, two groups of sheep (n=8) were provided with either ryegrass or plantain diets that had ...

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