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Title: Addressing the wicked problem of water resource management: an ecosystem services approach
Author: Hearnshaw, Edward J. S.
Tompkins, Jean-Marie
Cullen, Ross
Date: Feb-2011
Publisher: Australian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society.
Item Type: Conference Contribution - Full Conference Paper
Abstract: This paper develops a systematic assessment of the sustainability of ecosystem services provided by rivers impacted by water storage projects. Given the conflicting preferences amongst stakeholders and the incomplete, uncertain and contradictory understanding about river ecology it is recognized that managing water resources sustainably is a wicked problem. In order to address this wicked problem, the methods of multi-criteria analysis and graph analysis are applied, in accordance with integrated water resource management, to assess the potential of investing in water storage projects and explore for sustainable solutions through the construction of an ecosystem services index.
Description: Paper presented at the 55th Annual AARES National Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, 8-11 February 2011.
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Related: Originally published online at AgEcon Search.
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Rights: Copyright by author(s). Readers may make copies of this document for non-commercial purposes only, provided that this copyright notice appears on all such copies.
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