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  • Nichols, M.; Glen, A. S.; Garvey, P.; Ross, James G. (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2017-01-01)
    © New Zealand Ecological Society. Invasive predators are a threat to biodiversity in New Zealand. However, they are often difficult to monitor because of the animals’ cryptic, mobile behaviour and low densities. Camera ...
  • Brown, Dalin S.; Jaspers, Marlene V.; Ridgway, Hayley J.; Barclay, Candice J.; Jones, Elizabeth E. (New Zealand Plant Protection Society, New Zealand, 2013)
    The susceptibility of four common grapevine rootstocks (101-14, Schwarzmann, 5C and Riparia Gloire) to Cylindrocladiella parva (black foot disease) infection was assessed in a pot experiment. The roots of 4-month-old ...
  • Dollery, Rebecca (Lincoln University, 2017-07-31)
    The Canterbury Low Plains ecological district exists as a highly modified, productive landscape containing little of its original indigenous vegetation. The residual native plant communities comprise scattered fragments ...
  • Outram, Megan; Jones, Elizabeth E.; Jaspers, Marlene V.; Ridgway, Hayley J. (New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), 2014)
    Species within the Ilyonectria macrodidyma complex are known plant pathogens and several are implicated as the causal agents of black foot disease of grapevines. The seven species within the complex can be identified by ...
  • Blackie, Helen; Mackay, J. W. B.; Barrett, Brent; Inder, S.; MacMorran, D.; Bothwell, Jenn; Clout, M.; Eason, Charles (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2016)
    © New Zealand Ecological Society. Pen and small-scale field trials have been completed on a new, long-life, resetting toxin delivery system for brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula). Devices are designed to attract and ...

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