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Title: Proceedings of the International Conference on Invention, Innovation and Commercialisation with special emphasis on Technology Users Innovation (TUI)
Author: Fairweather, John R.
Date: Jun-2011
Publisher: Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit.
Series/Report no.: Discussion paper (Lincoln University (Canterbury, N.Z.). Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit) ; no. 153
Item Type: Discussion Paper
Abstract: Research work in the AERU has covered the topic of innovation in a number of ways for many years. Recently, we have sharpened our focus on user innovation and reported New Zealand’s first empirical research on this topic in AERU Research Report No. 320. This discussion paper continues this theme by reporting the papers presented at an international conference on user innovation. This discussion paper should appeal to those interested in user innovation. The conference covered a wide variety of topics, including theoretical approaches to user innovation, innovation policy and the first-hand experiences of innovators. It also features results from a programme of research at Lincoln University on user innovation and draws the results of three years of research into a synthesis with policy implications. This discussion paper will therefore be of particular interest to policymakers wanting to know how best to support user innovation in New Zealand. This discussion paper includes the full text of the following papers: Stephen Flowers, User innovation: Theory, Practice, and Policy; Alan Afuah and Marcel Bogers, Why do users innovate? A theory of the locus of innovation; Jim Birkemeier, Full vigour forestry: Sustainable forest management from the forest owner’s point of view; Enrico Tronchin, Disruptive innovation for sustained economic growth: Why New Zealand’s innovation system should be open, distributed and inclusive of innovative users; Bhaskara Rao Suddapalli and Kanimoli Ramaiah, Experience gained from inventing human heart valve prosthesis; MirShahin Seyed Saleh, New cellulosic fibres; Tiffany Rinne, International comparisons of models of innovation models: What is to be learned about the New Zealand situation?; Julian Williams, TUI and innovation policies in selected European, Asian and Pacific Rim countries; G. Daniel Steel, Principles that guide innovation: Predicting the Global Innovation Index score with dimensions of human values; Keith Alexander, SpringFree Trampoline - and some lessons learned; John Fairweather, Introduction to the New Zealand TUI Research Programme; Ralph Lattimore, Timberworks; Simon Lambert, The socio-technical networks of technology users in New Zealand; Janet Stephenson, Mapping innovators’ networks: Actors and flows in small innovation firms; Brett Stanley, The Rollawipa; Tiffany Rinne, Cultural Limits to Innovation in New Zealand; G. Daniel Steel, Comparisons, contrasts, and a case study: Innovation implications of New Zealand’s scores in values and personality; Dean Satchell, Novel sawing of eucalypt: a solution leading to a new forest industry?; John Lay, iAgri; John Fairweather, Tiffany Rinne, Gary Steel, Simon Lambert, Janet Stephenson, Synthesis of New Zealand TUI research and policy implications: Is it time to support user invention in New Zealand?; Peter Hone, Commercialisation of IP for inventors and SMEs and why so many ideas fail to enter the market; Manthan D. Janodia, N. Udupa, J. Venkata Rao, Virendra S. Ligade, Generating innovations in developing countries: Policy formulation and its implications.
Description: Conference organised by the Lincoln University Technology Users' Innovation (TUI) Group, June 13-14, 2011, Sudima Hotel, Christchurch, New Zealand.
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ISBN: 978-1-877519-18-5
ISSN: 1170-7607
Rights: Copyright © The Authors.
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