Recent Submissions

  • Transform your future: Use technology to grow your profile and advance your career 

    Tritt, Sarah; Balaine, Nimlesh; Dawson, Roger
    As you transition from undergraduate to postgraduate level, your ideas will form and your plans will advance, helping shape a career which allows you to grow and nurture your goals. Some undergraduates might move into ...
  • FitzGerald's town: Lincoln in the 19th century 

    Moar, N. (Lincoln and District Historical Society in collaboration with the Lincoln University Museum and Documentary Heritage CommitteeLincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2018)
    FitzGerald’s town tells the story of Lincoln and its first forty years from foundation in 1862 to about 1900. It discusses early business activity, the efforts of the farming community to improve their lot, the development ...
  • Fighting the good fight: Metadata in Research Data Management 

    Skinner, Erin-Talia
    Proper metadata is key in understanding, interpreting and publishing research data. In this presentation we will look at what we have discovered about metadata use as part of an ongoing Research Data Management pilot project ...
  • I'm a stranger here myself: Applying information management principles to Research Data Management 

    Skinner, Erin-Talia
    It’s easy to look at the scope of the research data management problem faced by NZ universities and put it in the too-hard box. Researchers are producing ever-larger amounts of data and desperately need the storage and ...
  • Lincoln's use of the Alma APIs 

    Fitchett, Deborah
    An overview of the Alma APIs used by Lincoln University to: display library hours on our website; display key statistics on a public dashboard; integrate with our student portal; and authenticate community users to select ...

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