The Department of Soil and Physical Sciences has responsibility for the delivery of all undergraduate and postgraduate soil-related subjects, and many physical science subjects.

The range of research being undertaken is extensive but in recent years has increasingly focused on environmental issues, especially soil's role and influence on water and air quality.

Recent Submissions

  • Phylogenetic and functional potential links pH and N₂O emissions in pasture soils 

    Sainur Samad, M.; Biswas, A.; Bakken, L. R.; Clough, Timothy J.; de Klein, C. A. M.; Richards, K. G.; Lanigan, G. J.; Morales, S. E. (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-10-26)
    Denitrification is mediated by microbial, and physicochemical, processes leading to nitrogen loss via N₂O and N₂ emissions. Soil pH regulates the reduction of N₂O to N₂, however, it can also affect microbial community ...
  • The land use suitability concept: Introduction and an application of the concept to inform sustainable productivity within environmental constraints 

    McDowell, Richard; Snelder, T.; Harris, S.; Lilburne, L.; Larned, S. T.; Scarsbrook, M.; Curtis, A.; Holgate, B.; Phillips, J.; Taylor, K. (Elsevier, 2018-08)
    The Land Use Suitability (LUS) concept informs decision-making by providing stakeholders with integrated information about the economic, environmental, social and cultural consequences of land use choices. This paper ...
  • Nutrient recycling using biowastes from diverse sources 

    Pienisch, Sarah (Lincoln University, 2018)
    Phosphorus is a limiting nutrient in crop growth and thus widely used as an agricultural fertiliser. It cannot be substituted by another element, nor newly synthesized. Hence, global food production is ultimately dependent ...
  • Effects of plantation forest species on soil phosphorus 

    Chirino Valle, Ivan; Condron, Leo M.; McLenaghen, Roger D.; Davis, M. (Fertilizer and Lime Research CentreMassey University, 2012)
    Highlights: The findings of this study revealed that depletion of top soil Po under all of the three tree species over 10 years following afforestation of grassland had a rapid and major impact on soil properties and ...
  • Exclusion zones for variable rate nitrogen fertilisation in grazed dairy pasture systems in New Zealand 

    Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Owens, Jennifer; Hodge, Simon; Werner, Armin; Trethewey, J. A. K.; Roten, Rory; Westerschulte, M.; Belin, S.; Cameron, Keith C. (Zenodo, 2017-10-16)
    To assess the variability of total soil nitrogen (TN) on grazed and irrigated pastures, TN was quantified from spatially distinct “areas” within the paddock (irrigated and non-irrigated areas, around the gates, and around ...

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