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Title: A quasi-experimental method for testing the effectiveness of ecolabel promotion
Author: Reiser, Axel
Simmons, David G.
Date: 2005
Publisher: Channel View Publications
Citation: Reiser, A., & Simmons, D. G. (2005). A quasi-experimental method for testing the effectiveness of ecolabel promotion. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 13(6), 590-616.
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Despite the existence of tourism ecolabels for more than 10 years, tourists' decision making is still only marginally influenced by such labels and it appears that sustainability does not feature much in tourists' general consumption behaviour. However, two recent studies found that tourists' attitudes towards the Green Globe 21 (GG21) ecolabel in New Zealand were positive and the surveyed tourists appeared to have a high awareness of sustainability issues. Based on these findings, a quasiexperiment was conducted in the Christchurch Visitor Information Centre (CVIC) (main tourist hub of South Island) to investigate whether tourists' positive attitudes towards ecolabels would result in increased observable interest of GG21 ecolabelled products. The purpose of this paper is to describe the complex quasi-experimental methodology that has been developed in an attempt to get further insight into tourist behaviour related to ecolabelled tourist products. During May and June 2003 the impact of a promotional campaign on tourists' information search behaviour in the CVIC was tested. Observations of tourists and measurement of brochure up-take showed no increased interest in the ecolabel promotion campaign or the GG21 labelled products in the CVIC. The experimental methodology demonstrated that positive attitudes towards ecolabels are an unreliable predictor of responsible environmental tourist behaviour.
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ISSN: 0966-9582
Rights: Copyright © 2005 A. Reiser & D.G. Simmons
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