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  • Worth, Wayne (Lincoln University, 2017-11-16)
    The fresh water quality of New Zealand is considered very clean by international standards however in dense urban and rural areas the water quality has degraded. Economic incentives of a high milk solid price has led to ...
  • Rennie, Hamish (Thomson Reuters on behalf of the Resource Management Law Association of New Zealand Inc., 2014-04-01)
    The Selwyn River (Waikirikiri) flows into Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora) which, at 20,000 ha surface area, is New Zealand’s fifth largest lake and its largest lagoonal lake. Although a third of the lake and parts of the ...
  • Bowring, Jacqueline (ORO editions on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, 2017)
    Queenstown and Christchurch are twin poles of New Zealand's landscape of risk. As the country's 'adventure capital', Queenstown is a spectacular landscape in which risk is a commodity. Christchurch's landscape is also ...
  • Abbott, Michael R. (ORO editions on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, 2015)
    The wild, in the discipline of landscape architecture, has been on the outer. What is it about the wild – despite the deep landscape-centric dimensions found in its forms, ecologies, meanings, and cultural attachments – ...
  • Kobayashi, Koji; Jackson, S. J.; Sam, M. P. (SAGE Publications, 2017-10-10)
    This article deploys the notion of 'self-Orientalization' to empirically investigate the signifying practices across the East–West divide for the construction of global advertising campaigns by Japanese sport brand Asics. ...

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