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Title: Economic implications of increased agricultural production
Other Titles: Economic implications at the industry level
Author: Philpott, B. P.
Date: 1963
Publisher: Lincoln College. Agricultural Economics Research Unit.
Series/Report no.: Research report (Lincoln College (University of Canterbury). Agricultural Economics Research Unit) ; no. 5
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: It is proposed to discuss, at the broad aggregate level, the implications of a specific rate of growth of agricultural production in the future, and for this purpose, 4% per annum has been chosen. At this rate of increase, it would take 15 years to reach the required targets. As all the implications of an increase to this level cannot be discussed in the space available, this paper will be confined to the following special questions: (1) What resources are required for a 4% rate of growth? (2) What rate of return would be earned on these resources? (3) How can the resources be shifted in to agriculture? (4) The indirect use of resources. (5) Some special quasi economic objections to faster agricultural growth.
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Related: Reprinted from Proceedings of the N.Z. Institute of Agricultural Science, Vol. 9, 1963.
ISSN: 0069-3790
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