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Title: Distance models for New Zealand international tourists and the role of transport prices
Author: Becken, Susanne
Schiff, Aaron
Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: Lincoln University. LEaP.
Item Type: Submitted Journal Article
Abstract: We analyse data on the distances travelled using car and air transport modes in New Zealand by a large sample of international tourists from six different countries of origin. We use two-stage hurdle models to relate both the decision to use each mode and the distance travelled by a mode if used to visitor characteristics and prices. In general we find little evidence of price sensitivity for either decision, although older tourists, those with longer stays, and non-tour group travellers may be more price-sensitive. The most important characteristics for determining transport behaviour are shown to be length of stay, purpose of visit and travel style (tour vs non-tour).
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DOI: 10.1177/0047287510362919
Rights: Copyright © Journal of Travel Research 2011 SAGE Publications
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