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Title: Road miles associated with agricultural production
Author: Saunders, Caroline
Zellman, Eva
Date: Oct-2007
Publisher: Lincoln University. Agricultural Economics Research Unit.
Item Type: Commissioned Report for External Body
Abstract: Road Transport Forum NZ (RTFNZ) is the national industry organisation representing the interests of the road transport industry, with the aim to build an efficient and cost effective road transport sector that will enable New Zealand industry, businesses and communities to prosper. RTFNZ has identified that the transportation associated with agricultural production in New Zealand has not been subject to much analysis. Considering agricultural production is the backbone of the New Zealand economy, there is a need for better understanding of road usage in agriculture to ensure producers’ roading needs are met.
Description: The aim of this report is to estimate the road transport distances of inputs to farms and also transport off farm to processors. Road transport is the main, if not sole means, of moving agricultural goods onto and off farm. The yearly transportation distances for different farm inputs and farm outputs are estimated for the New Zealand kiwifruit, sheep and beef, and dairy sectors. An estimated total transportation distance for these inputs and outputs are provided for each agricultural sector as well as for all three sectors combined.
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