The Department of Environmental Management promotes the advancement of knowledge, through teaching and research, that will allow the sustainable use of environmental and natural resources.

Staff publications and research activities reflect the well established interdisciplinary nature of the Department; research interests include environmental policy, planning and politics, natural resources and environmental economics, ecological economics, transport studies, biodiversity and biodiversity policy, ecological evaluation, environmental ethics, environmental education, women and the environment, the Treaty of Waitangi, Māori approaches to environmental management, indigenous peoples and sustainability and socio-cultural and political perspectives of the environment.

Recent Submissions

  • The importance of NZPI membership to private sector planning consultants and new graduates 

    Rennie, Hamish (Lincoln University, New ZealandLincoln University, Christchurch, 2013-12)
    The overall findings of the survey suggest that NZPI membership only adds real value for a recent graduate when there is a shortage of graduates knowledgeable about planning and planning issues. There are, however, ...
  • Planning approaches for the management of surf breaks in New Zealand 

    Skellern, M.; Peryman, B.; Orchard, S.; Rennie, Hamish (2013-12)
    There is a strong surfing culture, heritage, and community that shares a common spirit in New Zealand and around the world. Surf breaks are places where the practice of surfing predominantly occurs and have recently been ...
  • AccessMe concept assessment: Report to the New Zealand Walking Access Commission 

    Outram, A.; Kerr, Geoffrey N. (New Zealand Walking Access CommissionWellington, NZ, 2017-02)
    The concept of AccessMe is a simple one – a digital platform where people can request access to a farm (for hunting, fishing, tramping etc.), and landholders can respond, without having to share personal information, make ...
  • Public perceptions of New Zealand's environment: 2016 

    Hughey, Kenneth F. D.; Kerr, Geoffrey N.; Cullen, Ross (EOS EcologyChristchurch, 2016)
    The eighth survey (the series having begun in 2000) of people’s perceptions of the state of the New Zealand environment was undertaken over February–March 2016. The survey is based on the Pressure-State-Response (PSR) model ...
  • A spatial decision support system for flood hazard in Quang Nam province, Vietnam 

    Ong Dinh Bao, Tri (Lincoln University, 2017-11)
    The general aim of this study is to provide decision makers and planners with a spatial decision support system (SDSS), for quantifying flood hazards in order to cope with deluge situations within the Quang Nam basin of ...

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