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Title: Choice experiment assessment of public expenditure preferences
Author: Kerr, Geoffrey N.
Cullen, Ross
Hughey, Kenneth F. D.
Date: 2010
Publisher: Taylor and Francis.
Citation: Kerr, G.N., Cullen, R., Hughey, K.F.D. (2010). Choice experiment assessment of public expenditure preferences. New Zealand Economic Papers. 44(3), 259-268.
Item Type: Submitted Journal Article
Abstract: Preferences for changes to public expenditures were evaluated using a choice experiment. Results indicate potential efficiency gains from reallocation of expenditures to items with higher marginal welfare. In particular, respondents were found to prefer more spending on health, education and the environment, with health spending providing the highest marginal benefits. The public preferred less expenditure on income support. The choice experiment also identified the impacts of demographic factors. The approach is offered as a complement to prior approaches that research public preferences for budget allocation, with prospects for revelation of richer information for informing social decisions
Description: Pre-print version of a journal article published in New Zealand Economic Papers, 44(3), 259-268.
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Rights: Copyright © The Authors.
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