Lincoln University operates a number of internationally renowned research centres. These generally consist of a group of individual researchers and/or groups of research teams.

Research centres are primarily cross-divisional and may work in collaboration with external partners and attract researchers and postgraduate students. A management board, consisting of representatives from the major organisations or divisions involved, manages each centre.

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Recent Submissions

  • Advancing primary sector adaptation in Aotearoa New Zealand 

    Wreford, Anita (Taylor & Francis, 2023-04-19)
    Climate change is already being experienced across the primary sector in Aotearoa New Zealand. Adapting to the impacts already being observed, while also anticipating future impacts, requires consideration of different ...
  • Improving accuracy of quantifying nitrate removal performance and enhancing understanding of processes in woodchip bioreactors using high-frequency data 

    Rivas, A; Barkle, G; Sarris, T; Park, J; Kenny, A; Maxwell, B; Stenger, R; Moorhead, B; Schipper, L; Clague, J (Elsevier, 2023-07-01)
    Woodchip bioreactors have gained popularity in many countries as a conservation practice for reducing nitrate load to freshwater. However, current methods for assessing their performance may be inadequate when nitrate ...
  • The New Zealand Futures Game 

    Scott, Graeme (The Commission for the Future, 1978)
    The New Zealand Futures Game is a classroom exercise based on current perceptions of future trends in population growth, economic growth and environmental quality. For the purpose of the game, "The Future" is defined as ...
  • Azinphos-methyl resistance in lightbrown apple moth: Economic implications of management options 

    Hide, R. P.; Suckling, D. M. (Lincoln, N.Z. : Centre for Resource Management, University of Canterbury & Lincoln College, 1984)
    The objective of this project are twofold: (1) To investigate the options for management of resistance in lightbrown apple moth at Mariri and Moutere Bluffs and the implications of the options under a range of assumptions ...
  • Review of Waitaki water resource management information 

    Gough, Janet D. (Lincoln, N.Z. : Centre for Resource Management, Lincoln College & University of Canterbury, 1985)
    This paper reviews the different water uses in the Upper Waitaki catchment under the present water allocations, and describes current and potential conflicts between them. The following chapters describe the major water ...

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