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  • Roten, Rory; Fourie, Jaco; Owens, Jennifer; Trethewey, Jason A. K.; Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Werner, Armin; Irie, Kenji; Hagedorn, Michael; Cameron, Keith C. (Elsevier, 2017-04-01)
    In grazed dairy pastures, the largest N source for both nitrate (NO₃⁻) leaching and nitrous oxide (N₂O) emissions is urine-N excreted by the animals. Additional application of N on urine patches as fertilizer may increase ...
  • Ferguson, J. C.; Hewitt, Andrew; Eastin, J. A.; Connell, Robert J.; Roten, Rory; Kruger, G. R. (De Gruyter Open on behalf of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute and the Polish Society of Plant Protection, Committee of Plant Protection, 2014-01-01)
    Drift Reduction Technologies (DRTs) are becoming increasingly important for improving spray applications in many countries including New Zealand (NZ). Although there is a growing database on the performance of DRTs, there ...
  • Freitas, Priscila Pinto de (Lincoln University, 2017-02-28)
    Many Poaceae grasses form a symbiosis with Epichloë fungal endophytes. Initially a serious problem in agriculture due to their production of alkaloids toxic to livestock, endophyte strains were identified that were less ...
  • Wilson, Judith; Simmons, David G. (Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) and Lincoln University, New Zealand, 2016-11)
    This report examines the last ten years of tourism in New Zealand and gives a snapshot of the current state and performance of the tourism industry. It is the sixth publication in an annual series produced by Lincoln ...
  • Kiani, S.; Jafari, Abdolabbas (Tarbiat Modares University, 2012)
    Development of an autonomous weeding machine requires a vision system capable of detecting and locating the position of the crop. It is important for the vision system to be able to recognize the accurate position of the ...

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