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  • Fourie, Jaco; Green, R.; Geem, Z. W. (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2013)
    Harmony search (HS) was introduced in 2001 as a heuristic population-based optimisation algorithm. Since then HS has become a popular alternative to other heuristic algorithms like simulated annealing and particle swarm ...
  • Cripps, M. G.; Jackman, S. D.; Roquet, C.; van Koten, C.; Rostas, Michael; Bourdôt, G. W.; Susanna, A. (Frontiers Media, 2016-08)
    The majority of herbivorous insects are specialized feeders restricted to a plant family, genus, or species. The evolution of specialized insect–plant interactions is generally considered to be a result of trade-offs in ...
  • Cripps-Guazzone, Natalia; Jones, Elizabeth E.; Condron, Leo M.; McLean, Kirstin L.; Stewart, Alison; Ridgway, Hayley J. (New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), 2016)
    The colonisation of plant roots by biological control agents is dependent on abiotic factors, one of the most important being soil pH. The rhizosphere and endophytic colonisation of ryegrass and sweet corn roots by the ...
  • Chynoweth, Richard J.; Marris, John W. M.; Armstrong, Karen F.; Chomic, Anastasija; Linton, J.; Chapman, R. B. (New Zealand Plant Protection Society Inc., New Zealand, 2013)
    Soil sampling in a cereal crop near Southbridge, Canterbury, revealed dipteran larvae attacking Costelytra zealandica (White) pupae. Approximately 50% of the pupae had larvae associated with them. DNA sequencing analysis ...
  • Schmoll, M.; Dattenböck, C.; Carreras-Villaseñor, N.; Mendoza-Mendoza, A.; Tisch, D.; Alemán, M. I.; Baker, S. E.; Brown, C.; Cervantes-Badillo, M. G.; Cetz-Chel, J.; Cristobal-Mondragon, G. R.; Delaye, L.; Esquivel-Naranjo, E. U.; Frischmann, A.; Gallardo-Negrete, J.; García-Esquivel, M.; Gomez-Rodriguez, E. Y.; Greenwood, D. R.; Hernández-Oñate, M.; Kruszewska, J. S.; Lawry, R.; Mora-Montes, H. M.; Muñoz-Centeno, T.; Nieto-Jacobo, M. F.; Nogueira Lopez, Guillermo; Olmedo-Monfil, V.; Osorio-Concepcion, M.; Piłsyk, S.; Pomraning, K. R.; Rodriguez-Iglesias, A.; Rosales-Saavedra, M. T.; Sánchez-Arreguín, J. A.; Seidl-Seiboth, V.; Stewart, A.; Uresti-Rivera, E. E.; Wang, C.-L.; Wang, T.-F.; Zeilinger, S.; Casas-Flores, S.; Herrera-Estrella, A. (American Society for Microbiology, 2016-03)
    Copyright © 2016, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. The genus Trichoderma contains fungi with high relevance for humans, with applications in enzyme production for plant cell wall degradation and use ...

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