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  • Goldson, Stephen; Tomasetto, Federico (Frontiers Media, 2016-08-23)
    Field parasitism rates of the Argentine stem weevil Listronotus bonariensis (Kuschel; Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by Microctonus hyperodae Loan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) are known to vary according to different host Lolium ...
  • Fourie, Jaco; Werner, Armin; Dagorn, N. (Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, 2015-02)
    Aerial images were taken in June 2014 with a multispectral VIS/NIR camera of the canopy from 14 kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala L.) fields in Canterbury, New Zealand before this forage was grazed by cows. Images ...
  • Roberts, Jessica; Schäbitz, B.; Werner, Armin (Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, 2015-02)
    A field spectrometer with an active light source was tested as a potential canopy sensor for dairy pastures (‘TEC-5’, YARA). To study the applicability of the sensor on pasture for the intensive radiation conditions of NZ ...
  • Aalders, L. T.; Minchin, Rhys F.; Hill, Robert A.; Braithwaite, Mark; Bell, N. L.; Stewart, Alison (New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), Christchurch, 2009)
    In common with other root knot nematodes Meloidogyne hapla is a serious plant pest. A rapid screening system for candidate microbes that benefit plant growth is a first step to developing screening bioassays in ...
  • Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Roberts, Jessica; Royal, A.; Bennett, L.; Werner, Armin (Fertilizer and Lime Research Centre, Massey University, 2015)
    Management Zone Delineation (MZD) could be of increasing importance for its economic and environmental benefits through varying rates of crop inputs to meet site-specific demands across individual ...

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