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  • Post, Scott; Roten, Rory; Connell, R. J. (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 2017)
    The discharge coefficient (Cd) is a measure of how much of the pressure energy of a nozzle is converted into kinetic energy. With the discharge coefficient known, the exit velocity of the liquid sheet from the nozzle can ...
  • Fourie, Jaco (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 2017)
    Automatic circle detection is an important element of many image processing algorithms. Traditionally the Hough transform has been used to find circular objects in images but more modern approaches that make use of heuristic ...
  • Kerr, Geoffrey N. (Lincoln University. LEaP, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2017-11)
    This paper investigates the hypotheses that marginal utility from killing game animals in New Zealand big game hunts diminishes with number of kills, and that hunt motivations affect marginal satisfaction. In addition to ...
  • Thompson, C.; Fountain, Joanna M. (Lincoln University. LEaP, Lincoln, Canterbury, New Zealand, 2017-10)
    In the summer of 2014/2015, research was conducted in the Central Otago wine region to determine the characteristics, perceptions and experiences of international and domestic tourists visiting wineries in the area. The ...
  • Nieto-Jacobo, Maria; Steyaert, Johanna M.; Salazar-Badillo, F. B.; Vi Nguyen, D.; Rostás, M.; Braithwaite, Mark; De Souza, J. T.; Jimenez-Bremont, J. F.; Ohkura, M.; Stewart, A.; Mendoza - Mendoza, Artemio (Frontiers Media, 2017-02-09)
    Trichoderma species are soil-borne filamentous fungi widely utilized for their many plant health benefits, such as conferring improved growth, disease resistance and abiotic stress tolerance to their hosts. Many Trichoderma ...

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