Recent Submissions

  • Estimating climate-change effects on a Mediterranean catchment under various irrigation conditions 

    von Gunten, D.; Wöhling, Thomas; Haslauer, C. P.; Merchán, D.; Causapé, J.; Cirpka, O. A. (Elsevier, 2015-09)
    Study region: The Lerma catchment, a small (7.3km²) sub-catchment of the Ebro Basin in northern Spain. Study focus: The Lerma catchment underwent a monitored transition to irrigated agriculture, using water from outside ...
  • Element-specific spectral imaging of multiple contrast agents: A phantom study 

    Panta, R. K.; Bell, Stephen T.; Healy, J. L.; Aamir, R.; Bateman, Christopher; Moghiseh, M.; Butler, A. P. H.; Anderson, N. G. (IOP Publishing on behalf of Sissa Medialab, 2018-02-06)
    This work demonstrates the feasibility of simultaneous discrimination of multiple contrast agents based on their element-specific and energy-dependent X-ray attenuation properties using a pre-clinical photon-counting ...
  • Model selection on solid ground: Rigorous comparison of nine ways to evaluate Bayesian model evidence 

    Schöniger, A.; Wöhling, Thomas; Samaniego, L.; Nowak, W. (AGU Publications, 2014-12-19)
    Bayesian model selection or averaging objectively ranks a number of plausible, competing conceptual models based on Bayes' theorem. It implicitly performs an optimal trade-off between performance in fitting available data ...
  • Modeling soil processes: Review, key challenges, and new perspectives 

    Vereecken, H.; Schnepf, A.; Hopmans, J. W.; Javaux, M.; Or, D.; Roose, T.; Vanderborght, J.; Young, M. H.; Amelung, W.; Aitkenhead, M.; Allison, S. D.; Assouline, S.; Baveye, P.; Berli, M.; Brüggemann, N.; Finke, P.; Flury, M.; Gaiser, T.; Govers, G.; Ghezzehei, T.; Hallett, P.; Franssen, H. J. H.; Heppell, J.; Horn, R.; Huisman, J. A.; Jacques, D.; Jonard, F.; Kollet, S.; Lafolie, F.; Lamorski, K.; Leitner, D.; Mcbratney, A.; Minasny, B.; Montzka, C.; Nowak, W.; Pachepsky, Y.; Padarian, J.; Romano, N.; Roth, K.; Rothfuss, Y.; Rowe, E. C.; Schwen, A.; Šimůnek, J.; Tiktak, A.; Van Dam, J.; van der Zee, S. E. A. T. M.; Vogel, H. J.; Vrugt, J. A.; Wöhling, T.; Young, I. M. (Soil Science Society of America, 2016-05-13)
    The remarkable complexity of soil and its importance to a wide range of ecosystem services presents major challenges to the modeling of soil processes. Although major progress in soil models has occurred in the last decades, ...
  • MARS-MD: Rejection based image domain material decomposition 

    Bateman, Christopher; Knight, D.; Brandwacht, B.; Mc Mahon, J. M.; Healy, J.; Panta, R.; Aamir, R.; Rajendran, K.; Moghiseh, M.; Ramyar, M.; Rundle, D.; Bennett, J.; de Ruiter, N.; Smithies, D.; Bell, S. T.; Doesburg, R.; Chernoglazov, A.; Mandalika, V. B. H.; Walsh, M.; Shamshad, M.; Anjomrouz, M.; Atharifard, A.; Vanden Broeke, L.; Bheesette, S.; Kirkbride, T.; Anderson, N. G.; Gieseg, S. P.; Woodfield, T.; Renaud, P. F.; Butler, A. P. H.; Butler, P. H. (IOP Publishing Ltd on behalf of Sissa Medialab, 2018-05-16)
    This paper outlines image domain material decomposition algorithms that have been routinely used in MARS spectral CT systems. These algorithms (known collectively as MARS-MD) are based on a pragmatic heuristic for solving ...

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