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  • Goldson, Stephen; Tomasetto, Federico (Frontiers Media, 2016-08-23)
    Field parasitism rates of the Argentine stem weevil Listronotus bonariensis (Kuschel; Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by Microctonus hyperodae Loan (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) are known to vary according to different host Lolium ...
  • Aalders, L. T.; Minchin, Rhys F.; Hill, Robert A.; Braithwaite, Mark; Bell, N. L.; Stewart, Alison (New Zealand Plant Protection Society (Inc.), Christchurch, 2009)
    In common with other root knot nematodes Meloidogyne hapla is a serious plant pest. A rapid screening system for candidate microbes that benefit plant growth is a first step to developing screening bioassays in ...
  • Holdaway, R. J.; Wood, J. R.; Dickie, Ian; Orwin, K. H.; Bellingham, P. J.; Richardson, S. J.; Lyver, P. O.; Timoti, P.; Buckley, T. R. (New Zealand Ecological Society, 2017)
    © New Zealand Ecological Society. High throughput DNA sequencing technology has enabled entire biological communities to be characterised from DNA derived from pools of organisms, such as bulk-collected invertebrates, or ...
  • González-Chang, M.; Boyer, S.; Lefort, Marie-Caroline; Nboyine, Jerry; Wratten, Stephen D. (PeerJ, 2017-04-27)
    Background: Melolonthinae beetles, comprising different white grub species, are a globally-distributed pest group. Their larvae feed on roots of several crop and forestry species, and adults can cause severe defoliation. ...
  • Martoni, Francesco; Burckhardt, D.; Armstrong, Karen F. (Magnolia Press, 2016)
    A checklist of extant species of Psylloidea in New Zealand is presented. The list is structured according to the latest taxonomic classification of families, subfamilies and genera. It includes 99 species, 71 of which are ...

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