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Title: Cleaning up the game of Canada goose management
Author: Hide, Rodney P.
Date: Jul-1989
Publisher: Lincoln College. Centre for Resource Management.
Item Type: Monograph
Abstract: The game of Canada goose management is a complex issue, on one side, the hunters; on the other, the farmers. Government takes the field as referee. However, this referee is like no other. This referee takes sides. Sometimes government supports hunters; other times it supports farmers. Government in this way scores a few points for itself. Everyone thus plays the game. Hunters, farmers, and government; they all play the game of Canada goose management. Good rules would make for a good game. Unfortunately, the rules of Canada goose management are terrible. They make for a scrappy game. Hunters fight farmers. Farmers fight hunters. Everyone fights the Department of Conservation. No one wins the game of Canada goose management everyone loses. Hunters lose, farmers lose, and taxpayers lose. We could and we should do better. We should change the rules so that Canada goose management is a friendly game. This report presents conclusions reached in a study for the Department of Conservation, and explain how Canada goose management can be played to everyone's advantage.
Description: Paper to the Hill and High Country Seminar, Lincoln College, 5-6 July 1989.
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