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A comparison of horizontal versus vertical camera placement to detect feral cats and mustelids

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Show simple item record Nichols, Margaret en Glen, A. S. en Garvey, P. en Ross, James G. en 2017-09-12T04:21:39Z 2016-09-30 en 2017-01-01 en
dc.identifier.citation Nichols, M., Glen, A.S., Garvey, P., & Ross, J. (2017). A comparison of horizontal versus vertical camera placement to detect feral cats and mustelids. New Zealand Ecological Society, 41(1), 145-150. doi:10.20417/nzjecol.41.11 en
dc.identifier.issn 0110-6465 en
dc.description.abstract © New Zealand Ecological Society. Invasive predators are a threat to biodiversity in New Zealand. However, they are often difficult to monitor because of the animals’ cryptic, mobile behaviour and low densities. Camera traps are increasingly being used to monitor wildlife, but until recently have been used mainly for large species. We aimed to determine the optimal camera alignment (horizontal or vertical) for detecting feral cats (Felis catus) and mustelids (Mustela furo, M. erminea and M. nivalis). We deployed 20 pairs of cameras, each pair with one horizontal and one vertical camera. We compared the number of photos of target species, non-target species, and false triggers (i.e. camera triggered with no animal present) between camera orientations. Horizontally oriented cameras captured approximately 1.5 times as many images of the target species compared with vertically oriented cameras, and also detected more non-target animals. Orientation did not have a significant effect on the number of false triggers. en
dc.format.extent 145-150 en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher New Zealand Ecological Society en
dc.relation The original publication is available from - New Zealand Ecological Society - en
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dc.rights © New Zealand Ecological Society en
dc.subject camera trapping en
dc.subject feral ferret en
dc.subject invasive species en
dc.subject Mustella spp. en
dc.subject stoat en
dc.subject Ecology en
dc.title A comparison of horizontal versus vertical camera placement to detect feral cats and mustelids en
dc.type Journal Article
lu.contributor.unit Lincoln University en
lu.contributor.unit Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences en
lu.contributor.unit Pest-Management and Conservation en
lu.contributor.unit Research Management Office en
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dc.subject.anzsrc 050103 Invasive Species Ecology en
dc.subject.anzsrc 0602 Ecology en
dc.relation.isPartOf New Zealand Journal of Ecology en
pubs.issue 1 en
pubs.organisational-group /LU
pubs.organisational-group /LU/Agriculture and Life Sciences
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pubs.organisational-group /LU/Research Management Office
pubs.organisational-group /LU/Research Management Office/2018 PBRF Staff group
pubs.publication-status Published en
pubs.volume 41 en
dc.identifier.eissn 1177-7788 en
lu.identifier.orcid 0000-0001-7413-4704

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