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Growth and feed quality of five perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) cultivars under three water treatments

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dc.description.abstract Growth and feed quality of five perennial ryegrass cultivars were compared under three water treatments: non-stress (field capacity, FC), mid-stress (50% FC) and high-stress (30% FC). There were three New Zealand cultivars (Alto, Bronsyn and Trojan), one Morrocan cultivar (Barberia) and one cultivar from Norway (Norway). Water stress reduced dry matter production, leaf water content, leaf width, and leaf photosynthetic rate and stomatal conductance of all cultivars by similar amounts. In contrast, water stress increased feed quality (dry matter digestibility and metabolizable energy) but again with no consistent cultivar effect. Averaged over all cultivars, the magnitude of the reduction in dry matter production (44% under high-stress and 21% under mid-stress) was substantially greater than that of the increase in feed quality (2% under mid-stress and 4% under high-stress for dry matter digestibility, 3% under mid-stress and 5% under high-stress for metabolizable energy). For all cultivars, dry matter production and feed quality returned to normal after rehydration of high water stressed plants. It appears that it will be very difficult to develop a cultivar with maintained growth under water stress conditions. However, against this, perennial ryegrass cultivars in general have a strong ability to recover from drought which is an extremely important characteristic in perennial pastures subject to periodic water stress. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Lincoln University en
dc.subject perennial ryegrass en
dc.subject Lolium perenne L. en
dc.subject drought en
dc.subject dry matter production en
dc.subject leaf water content en
dc.subject leaf width en
dc.subject photosynthesis en
dc.subject stomatal conductance en
dc.subject feed quality en
dc.subject dry matter digestibility en
dc.subject crude protein en
dc.subject metabolisable energy en
dc.title Growth and feed quality of five perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) cultivars under three water treatments en
dc.type Thesis en Lincoln University en Masters en Master of Applied Science en
lu.thesis.supervisor Andrews, Mitchell
lu.contributor.unit Department of Agricultural Sciences en
dc.subject.anzsrc 070305 Crop and Pasture Improvement (Selection and Breeding) en
dc.subject.anzsrc 0703 Crop and Pasture Production en

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