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Contributors to the Archive are asked to approve a licence agreement that signifies that they own the copyright and have the right to deposit the item and that grants to Lincoln University a LIMITED, NON-EXCLUSIVE LICENCE to disseminate the item through the Archive and to migrate the item (i.e., copy it) for preservation purposes.

The text of the licence is:


By granting this licence to Lincoln University Research Archive, you (the author(s) copyright owner(s) or assignee(s)) agree to the following:

a) that you are the author (or listed author), copyright holder or assignee and have authority to make this agreement, and give the LU Research Archive the right to publish the work(s) in a digital archive or repository

b) that the work(s) is/are original and does/do not, to the best of your knowledge, infringe upon anyone else's copyright

c) that, where third party copyright material appears in the work(s), you (or the lead author) have acknowledged the original author or copyright holder, and/or sought permission to include the third party material as part of this work

d) that, if the work(s) is/are based on material that has/have been supported or sponsored by an agency other than Lincoln University, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review or other obligations required by such contract or agreement.

The Lincoln University Research Archive shall distribute electronic copies of the work(s) for the lifetime of the archive and translate it/them as necessary to any medium or format to ensure that it/they can be read by computer systems in the future. The lifetime of the Lincoln University Research Archive shall be deemed to include any new computer system used in the future that replaces the current system.

Rights granted to the Lincoln University Research Archive through this agreement are non-exclusive. You are free to publish the work(s) elsewhere and no ownership is assumed by the archive when storing an electronic version of the work(s). The LU Research Archive will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this licence, to your work.

The Administrator of the Lincoln University Research Archive reserves the right to remove the work(s) for any professional, administrative or legal reason. Any request for removal of the work(s) should be made to the Administrator. A metadata record indicating the work(s) was/were stored in the archive will remain visible in perpetuity.

While every care will be taken to preserve the electronic copy of the work(s), the LU Research Archive is not liable for loss or damage to it while it is stored in the archive.

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