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  • Seebens, H.; Blackburn, T. M.; Dyer, E. E.; Genovesi, P.; Hulme, Philip E.; Jeschke, J. M.; Pagad, S.; Pyšek, P.; Winter, M.; Arianoutsou, M.; Bacher, S.; Blasius, B.; Brundu, G.; Capinha, C.; Celesti-Grapow, L.; Dawson, W.; Dullinger, S.; Fuentes, N.; Jäger, H.; Kartesz, J.; Kenis, M.; Kreft, H.; Kühn, I.; Lenzner, B.; Liebhold, A.; Mosena, A.; Moser, D.; Nishino, M.; Pearman, D.; Pergl, J.; Rabitsch, W.; Rojas-Sandoval, J.; Roques, A.; Rorke, S.; Rossinelli, S.; Roy, H. E.; Scalera, R.; Schindler, S.; Štajerová, K.; Tokarska-Guzik, B.; Van Kleunen, M.; Walker, K.; Weigelt, P.; Yamanaka, T.; Essl, F. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-02-15)
    Although research on human-mediated exchanges of species has substantially intensified during the last centuries, we know surprisingly little about temporal dynamics of alien species accumulations across regions and taxa. ...
  • Ekanayake, Dinanjana; Owens, Jennifer; Hodge, Simon; Trethewey, Jason A. K.; Roten, Rory; Westerschulte, M.; Belin, S.; Werner, Armin; Cameron, Keith C. (New Zealand Grassland Association, 2017)
    For precision nitrogen (N) fertilisation of grazed dairy paddocks, soil N distribution needs to be quantified. It is expected that farm infrastructure will affect inorganic-N distribution due to its influence on cow grazing ...
  • Goldson, Stephen; Tomasetto, Federico; Popay, A. J. (New Zealand Plant Protection Society, 2015)
    This paper reports on an extensive field investigation conducted at Lincoln during the 2014-2015 summer/early autumn. This aimed to assess the effects of a range of novel Epichloë endophytes when present in different ...
  • Littlejohn, C. P.; Curran, Timothy J.; Hofmann, Rainer; Wratten, Stephen D. (Solutions Journal, 2015-05)
    The need to mitigate the effects of climate change has resulted in some governments setting mandates to attain targets for bioenergy production. Recently, there has been concern that the large-scale use of first-generation ...
  • Martoni, Francesco (Lincoln University, 2017-12-27)
    Psyllids, also known as jumping plant lice, belong to the superfamily Psylloidea (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) and globally are divided into almost 4000 described species. Psyllids are phloem-feeders, with a number of species ...

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