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    • Aspects of copper metabolism in deer : with reference to requirements for and response to supplementation 

      Harrison, Timothy John (Lincoln University, 1993)
      A survey of 3661 farmed deer killed in the South Island revealed that 46% contained liver Cu concentrations less than 20 mg/kg DM, the likely threshold concentration below which deficiency may be expected. Mean liver Cu ...
    • Big game hunter surveys 

      Kerr, Geoffrey N. (Masterton, 2012)
      This oral presentation looks at the costs, recreation benefits, non-recreational harvests, conservation and other facters of the big game hunter surveys.
    • Comparative studies of the effects of molybdenum and sulphur on copper metabolism in sheep Ovis aries and red deer Cervus elaphus 

      Osman, Nur El Huda Isam El Din (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1988)
      The difference between sheep and deer in the effects of molybdenum (Mo) and sulphur (S) on copper (Cu) metabolism was investigated in two dietary experiments (Chapter 4) using 8 animals of each species. In Exp 1 the animals ...
    • Control of LH secretion in red deer (Cervus elaphus) 

      Limsirichaikul, Suporn (Lincoln University, 1992)
      The feedback effects of ovarian steroids on the secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) have been well established in many species. This thesis describes a series of studies which examined the effects of oestradiol, ...
    • Deer carcass breakdown monitoring 

      Ross, James G.; McCoskery, H. (Landsdowne Ventures LtdChristchurch, NZ, 2012-02)
      This research project monitored 1080 residue breakdown in muscle, skin, bone and stomach samples for two sika deer (Cervus nippon) carcasses during the period October 2010 to May 2011. These deer were located immediately ...
    • New Zealand agriculture: passive investment opportunities 

      Banks, Tim (Lincoln University. Faculty of Commerce. Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme., 2001)
      With a positive outlook and a passion for agriculture and a dream of one day owning a farm the purpose of my report has been to research opportunities that exist for 'passive investment' in agriculture. That is to ...
    • Stakeholder perceptions on the New Zealand velvet supply chain 

      Fraser, Hamish (Lincoln University, 2009)
      The aim of this study was to identify stakeholders' perceptions on the issues within the New Zealand velvet supply chain. Producer's returns within the industry have widely fluctuated, with a general decreasing trend. It ...
    • Water intake of red deer stags consuming dryland pasture or indoors on concentrated feed 

      Topp, D. F. (Lincoln College, University of Canterbury, 1988)
      Two trials were conducted to provide data on water intake of red deer stags for a basis on which to determine water requirements for deer farms. In the first trial 13 15-month-old red deer stags had water intake from a ...