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Papers presented at the New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (Inc.) Fourth Annual Conference : "managing change in a dynamic environment" : incorporating the 22nd Annual Conference of the NZ Branch of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (Inc.) : Blenheim Country Lodge, July 1997

Discussion Paper
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ANZSRC::140201 Agricultural Economics
The main themes for this Conference are: 1. Rural Communities, Science and Research Policy, Consumer Demand, Agricultural Sector Imports and Modelling 2. Resources 3. Farm Management. This discussion paper includes the full text of the following papers: Ann Pomeroy, Impacts of Recent Economic Reforms on Rural Communities ; John R Fairweather, Implications and Impacts of Land Use Change; Jenny Boshier, Key Elements for Achieving New Zealand's Environmental Goals; Irene Parminter, Modelling Off-Farm Employment and Investment Decisions ; P L Nuthal, Family Farm Viability and the Economics of Information; K L Atkinson, W J Parker, G P Rauniyar, Obtaining Dairy Farm Ownership Through Share farming in Gippsland, Vic.; Brian Bell and Tony Ryburn, What Really Matters in Research Evaluation ; R W M Johnson, Organisational Models for Management of Research and Extension; A E Dooley, G P Rauniyar, W J Parker, S N McCutcheon, S T Morris, An Ex Post Economic Analysis of Research, Development and Extension of Cover Comb Shearing Technology; G P Rauniyar and W J Parker, Farmer Perceptions of Sustainable Practices for New Zealand Pastoral Agriculture; Philip Journeaux, Impact of Dairy Farm Conversions in Taupo District; Brent Casey, Sandra Martin, and Tony Zwart, Instability in the New Zealand Meat Processing Industry - An Economic Analysis; C K G Dake, Determining the Optimal Reservation Price of Forest Stands; L J Stachurski, C K G Dake, W J Parker and D G McCall, The Economics of Irrigating Dairy Farms Under Climatic Risk; Sharon Menzies, The Impact of Consumer Trends in the United Kingdom and United States on New Zealand's Red Meat Industry; Andrew Stewart, T C Kelly, E A Cameron and B D Wallace, An Exploratory Study of Urban Attitudes and Perceptions about Rural Land Use in New Zealand; Ram SriRamaratnam and Prakash Narayan, An Economic Model for Forecasting New Zealand FOB Prices for Dairy Products and the Farmgate Payout for Milk; Murray Doak, Why Protect High Class (Elite) Soils? ; T G Parminter and I S Tarbotton, Weighting A Soil and Vegetation Self Assessment Scale: Results of a Conjoint Analysis; R J Townsley, P B Gardiner, R Wilkinson, A D Meister, The Effects of Soil Quality on Land Value; Heather Collins, The Development ofManagement Guidelines for Sustainable Livestock Farming in the Hawke's Bay; Dan Marsh, Fighting the Twin Perils -A Casey Study of the Left Bank Outfall Drain in Pakistan; Petrus Simons, Cost Benefit Analysis of Resource Use Under Uncertainty; Mike Kearney, A D Fenemor & S J Sinner, Implementing Transferable Water Permits in the Waimea Catchment, Nelson, NZ; Kathryn B Bicknell and Christopher Gan, The Amenity Value of Waterway Enhancement in Christchurch – A Preliminary Analysis; Caroline Saunders, Current and Future Developments in Agri-environmental Support policies and the CAP in the EU and their implications for NZ; J A G Martins da Silva, W J Parker, N M Shadbolt, C D K Dake, A Stochastic Spreadsheet Model for Analysing Investment Options for Pasture Development on Beef Cattle Farms; I Vetharaniam, D G McCall, W H McMillan, H R Tervit, Implications of Embryo Technology on the Structure of the New Zealand Beef and Dairy Herds; T Jon Sherlock, W J Parker, T C Kelly, The Potential for Out-of-Season Beef Finishing Systems on Farms in the Lower North Island; S C Vale, C K G Dake and R W Tillman, Optimal Selection of Fertilisers in Horticultural Enterprises; Iona McCarthy, Impact of Poor Farm Management Practices on Farm Value: A Rangitikei Case Study; L Labramonte, G Rauniyar and W J Parker, Participatory Management of Irrigation Systems in the Doilo Province of the Philippines; Ron H McFetridge, Gavin L Wall and Nicola M Shadbolt, The Economics of Spray Irrigating Pasture for Dairy Production in the Manawatu; M J Broadbent, E M Hurley, T C Kelly, A Study of Strategies Sharemilkers are Using to Attain Farm Ownership; H Little and C N Taylor, Oliver Twist Dared: or The Importance of Multiple Sources of Income for Farm Families.