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Blurring alien introduction pathways risks losing the focus on invasive species policy

Hulme, Philip
Bacher, S
Kenis, M
Kühn, I
Pergl, J
Pyšek, P
Roques, A
Vilà, M
Journal Article
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::050103 Invasive Species Ecology , ANZSRC::160507 Environment Policy
The pathways by which alien species are introduced to new regions fall into six broad classes: deliberate release; escape from captivity; contaminant of a commodity; stowaway on a transport vector; via an infrastructure corridor (without which spread would not be possible) or unaided from other invaded regions (Hulme et al. 2008). However, Gilroy et al. (2016) argue that species dispersing naturally, through the infrastructure corridor or unaided pathway, should be classed as native rather than alien. We contend their proposal is not only unworkable but also unwise.