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Horizons 2020 Trends in Technology Education

Rivett, M.
Charters, Stuart
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::10 Technology , ANZSRC::130212 Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum and Pedagogy , ANZSRC::130306 Educational Technology and Computing , ANZSRC::160305 Population Trends and Policies
This report represents an attempt to review the technology education landscape as of late 2019 and identify the key considerations and trends relevant to interested parties considering their own futures, the needs of their businesses, and the evolution of education institutions and services over the medium term – a timescale of years to decades. It considers the then current state of the education landscape in NZ and globally, reviews the dynamics in play in the near term future and examines feedback from direct Signal stakeholders across a range of areas. Building on these sources, we conclude with a range of suggestions and observations in respect on the way forward from here. While ‘here’ looks rather different from a few months ago, the same structural issues remain, and as argued above, the COVID-19 event simply adds urgency to the need for solutions.