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The effect of grape stem inclusion fermentation on Pinot noir wine composition : A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science at Lincoln University

Wimalasiri, Pradeep Madushanka
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ANZSRC::090806 Wine Chemistry and Wine Sensory Science , ANZSRC::070604 Oenology and Viticulture , ANZSRC::0706 Horticultural Production
Whole bunch fermentation with grape stems is believed by some winemakers to increase complexity, freshness, aromatic expression and textural smoothness in resultant wine, but may also impart green, herbal and earthy characters. However, there is limited published research focused on the impact of including stems during fermentation on Pinot noir wine composition. In this study, different proportions of whole bunches were included in the winemaking, and the resultant wines were analysed for general oenological parameters, phenolic composition and volatile aromatics with the aim to investigate the effect of stem inclusion fermentation on Pinot noir wine composition. Different proportions of stem inclusion and the way of stem addition affected oenological parameters, monomeric phenol composition, and aroma profiles of resultant wines. Results of this study can be used to aid winemakers to produce Pinot noir wines in different styles.
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