The effects of fungal lipase-treated milk lipids on bread making

Huang, Z
Brennan, CS
Zheng, Haotian
Mohan, Maneesha
Stipkovits, L
Liu, W
Kulasiri, Don
Guan, Wenqiang
Zhao, Hui
Liu, Jianfu
Journal Article
Fields of Research
Milk fat has been used as functional ingredient in bread making. However, incorporation of enzymatically-treated milk fat into bread recipes and their effects on bread properties have not been explored. This study aims to ascertain the impact of lipase-treated milk fat on bread quality in comparison with untreated bread controls. As a result of lipase treatment, dough structure was strengthened, and loaf volume improved. In vitro digestion revealed that the glycaemic load of breads with lipase-treated milk fat was significantly lower than that of control samples (p<0.05). In addition, lipase treatment reduced the crumb water activity. The study provides a novel and practical method to improve bread functionalities and lower product glycaemic response, without detrimental effects on the quality of the final products.
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