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An exploratory study on business use of the Internet in New Zealand : A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce ( Honours)

Lim, Wei Liang Leon
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ANZSRC::1005 Communications Technologies , ANZSRC::1503 Business and Management , ANZSRC::150307 Innovation and Technology Management
There is a lack of current research on the subject of the internet for business. Most of the articles are from trade publications and popular books, and simply promote the use of the internet for business. There is even less information on the use of the internet by New Zealand businesses. This study was conducted to investigate the current use of the internet in New Zealand. It examined differences between claims made in the literature and existing perceptions and practices of New Zealand businesses already using the internet. The study also looked at the perceived benefits and problems, especially in the areas of marketing and advertising. A questionnaire survey and follow up telephone interviews were used to obtain data from companies with access to the Internet. Results from the study indicated that in New Zealand, smaller and/or computer technology focused companies may use the internet more extensively than any other group and may obtain more benefits from its use. The findings also revealed that the low number of potential customers and/or suppliers online and unreliable connections are major concerns for the companies surveyed. Directions for future research were also discussed.
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