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Artificial surfaces for recreation

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A report of the proceedings of a Block Course held at Lincoln College, Canterbury, May 11-14 1981. The course was designed to study and evaluate the range of artificial surfacing material currently available for indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. This bulletin includes the full text of the following papers presented: R. J. Jones, All weather surfaces for sport and recreation. R. J. Jones, The role of asphalt in sporting surfaces. P. C. Osborne, Supreme Court. J. W. Bolton, Some considerations for alternative surfaces for outdoor recreation. G. B. Clayton, Indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. G. W. Lucking, Notes on planning of parks and children’s playgrounds. P. W. McOscar, The Pioneer Sports Stadium. Demden Industries Ltd., Artificial ice. W. B. Davis, Natural versus artificial turf. Kevin Fogarty, Crushed limestone all weather softball diamonds. D. E. Pearson, Local Authority Budgeting principles for capital works. How far to go with the user-pay principle. D. Cuseil, Design principles of squash courts.
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