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The domain of forensic accounting services: Evidence from Australia

Alshurafat, H
Beattie, Claire
Jones, G
Sands, J
Conference Contribution - published
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This study aims to explore the service most offered by the Australian forensic accountants. Data have collected services-related information that has been posted on the forensic accounting firms’ websites in Australia. A descriptive statistic was performed on the data to identify the most provided services. We found that Australian accounting firms show high levels of engagement in different assignments cover the main aspects of forensic accounting services. In addition, the nature of forensic accounting in the Australian context seems to be highly complicated and requires an interdisciplinary mindset to provide an integrated forensic service. The results provide guidance to many forensic accounting stakeholders including forensic accounting practitioners, universities, and accounting students. In addition, this paper provides new avenues for future research in terms of forensic accounting practice, education, and regulation.
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