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New Zealand pest and beneficial insects

Edited Volume
Fields of Research
ANZSRC::300804 Horticultural crop protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds) , ANZSRC::300409 Crop and pasture protection (incl. pests, diseases and weeds) , ANZSRC::410302 Biological control
In the eight years since the publication of New Zealand Insect Pests much new information on many pest species has become available, several significant new pests have become established and new crops with their own pest complexes are being grown. Also, with the upsurge in interest in horticulture, some pests have acquired a new status. In response to an increased interest in biological control and integrated pest management the scope of this book has been widened to include the biological control of weeds and detailed coverage of the arthropod parasites and predators of pest species. As with its predecessor, this book has been written primarily as a text for agricultural and horticultural students but should be of interest to advisers, farmers, managers, orchardists, market gardeners and keen home gardeners.