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Acronyms, acronyms everywhere... water players and programmes in the Selwyn/Christchurch area

Rennie, Hamish
Lomax, Adrienne J.
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The interface of traditional town planning and the “new” environmental planning is potentially problematic and this is especially apparent in the integrated and sustainable use of water resources in Canterbury. It is easy to find yourself drowning in a flood of watery acronyms and programme names when you engage with water planning issues. This article explains the key acronyms in the management of our water resources, provides a practical outline of planning instruments affecting water use decisions, sets out who is managing and planning for water in the Christchurch City and Selwyn District Councils and concludes with a comment on the major planning implications for the profession and academia. Ecosystem restoration programmes, not necessarily engaged with water, are not addressed here, nor are several research projects or groups with advocacy as their primary focus.