Recent Submissions

  • Towards a New Zealand system of skill ecosystems 

    Dalziel, Paul C. (Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research UnitLincoln University, Christchurch, 2012-09)
    This final report from the ‘Employer-Led Channels’ theme of the Education Employment Linkages research programme addresses how to help young people make effective education employment linkages, focussing on institutions ...
  • Towards a learning identity: early school leavers becoming learners 

    Higgins, Jane F. (Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, 2012-09-30)
    This report presents findings from research with fifty-one Christchurch young people who left school with low or no qualifications. Most of these young people experienced a period when they were not in education, employment ...
  • Learning to fly: Career management competencies in the school subject classroom 

    Vaughan, Karen; Spiller, Lorraine (Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, 2012-07-01)
    This report is concerned with the key transition support system of school-based career education. We argue that long-standing deficiencies in career education require a new framework to address young people’s needs. We ...
  • ‘It is all about feeling the aroha’: successful Māori and Pasifika providers 

    Phillips, Hazel; Mitchell, Moana E. (Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research UnitLincoln, Canterbury, 2010-07-01)
    It‟s all about feeling the aroha”: Successful Māori and Pasifika providers reports on 15 key informant interviews with Māori and Pacific post school training providers. These key informant interviews were designed to provide ...
  • Career education networks and communities of practice: a report from the school–communities strand of the education employment linkages project 

    Vaughan, Karen; O'Neil, Paul (Lincoln University. Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, 2010-07-01)
    School-based careers advisors have been given a key role in assisting young people in transition from school to work and further education. Their role is especially significant in light of the strategic importance attached ...

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